– What is Roku Com Link?

Roku Com Link is used to activate Roku Streaming Player or Device. To view all favorite channels, shows, movies, dramas, etc, users need to activate the Roku Activation Code with Roku Account. To Activate the code users need to visit URL:

Roku Account stores the information related to the Roku Streaming device which you have and also have channeled information which users have installed from the Roku Channel Store. Users should have to authenticate their Roku Account with a valid email as they will get update related information and subscription-related information on that.


  1. The creation of the Roku Account is Free.
  2. Roku doesn't charge for Roku Activation.

Setup & Activate New Roku Device

If you are a new user of Roku, do follow the setup guide which comes with Roku Device. All the setup process is listed on that. therefore the user only needs to follow the procedure which is showing on the quick setup guide.

Setup Roku Device

  • Un-box the Roku Device
  • Connect the device with Power cable
  • Connect the Power cable to the wall
  • Insert Batteries with Roku Remote
  • Use Roku Remote to choose Option
  • You will get the Roku Activation Code on Device.
  • Activate Roku code with Roku Account Online

In other words, User needs to complete the code activation process online with their Roku Account by visit URL:

Activate Roku Device Using

Activate Roku Device

  1. Turn on Desktop or Laptop Computer
  2. Open Web-Browser. For instance (Microsoft Edge Recommended )
  3. Visit URL:
  4. Enter the code & click on 'Submit.'
  5. After that Sign in with Roku Account
  6. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.
  7. After that, you will get a message that ' You are all set up.'
  8. Your Roku Device will take some updates, after that you can enjoy with Roku Device.

How do I access my Roku?

You can easily access Roku. Because it's an accessible device. For this, you must first login or signup, after this you have entered the activation code, then your channels like Netflix, Hulu, amazon will be automatically added from the channel store.

How do I add a link to my Roku?

  • Log in to your account.
  • Turned on the Roku device.
  • Enter this link code on the web page where you started.
  • Now press submit.
  • Like channels as per your wish.
  • Add channels to Roku.
  • Finally, you are done and complete all the steps.

How do you activate Roku?

  1. Follow all the instructions given on-screen.
  2. Connect a Roku streaming device online.
  3. Show a link code on your Roku device. e.g. "AS12D".
  4. Use this link code on your mobile or computer and enter it on the website.

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